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Pre-Order Manager

$ 24.95

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Are you loosing clients who can't buy products from you because they are being sold quickly and become out of stock?

Or would you like to allow your clients to preorder only some particular products?

Or do you need to limit quantity of preorders for some products?

...Then Pre-Order app will help you to solve these problems!


How it works

After the app's installation pre-order button with beautiful title shows up on product's page that is out of stock. Customer clicks on this button and goes through a regular order procedure, which allows to sell even if a product is out of stock. Title near the button will show a message that can be edited by you, for example: "We will fulfill the item within 3 days". Full list of pre-orders is shown in admin panel of the app, so you can easily control and handle such orders.


Main features:

  • turn on/off Pre-Order for some certain products
  • limit quantity of Pre-Orders for some certain products or for the whole store
  • ability to set a date for each product when Pre-Order feature will be automatically turned on
  • design of the Pre-Order button and title can be adjusted for any theme with a help of an excellent insightful editor with online preview feature
  • the app doesn't require any manual modifications of your store during installation process
  • ... and some other features
Pre-Order Manager
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