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Upsell on Exit / Visit

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In average about 98% of visitors leave web stores without making a purchase. Using the app you can make your sales more efficient and clients more loyal.


How it works

When a visitor tries to leave your store and moving mouse coursor to close your store, then pop-up window with special offer is shown. Or when a user visits your store for the first time, then the user gets special offer in pop-up window. You can set both offers for your visitors or just any of them.

The offers are fully customizable via admin panel of the app. You can offer coupon, free shipping, special price for some product, gift (the offer with the gift can be created in Unlimited Upsell app) or any informational message to your clients. Ways of how to use the app are very diverse because any text and HTML can be used as pop-up content. For example you can inform your visitors about terms of some promo action or about support hours etc..


New features already available:

new popups templates, that fully customizable to make high converting offers:

  • Offer coupons in exchange of clients’ emails;
  • Offer specific products/services;
  • Inform your customers about limited offers, sales etc.

Soundest, ecommerce email marketing service, is now integrated with our app! Now it takes seconds and makes it easy to automatically synchronize and manage contacts. High conversion email marketing together with our Upsell On Exit/Visit allows you to:

  • Manage subscribers;
  • Recover most of your abandoned orders;
  • Reactivate your customer base;
  • and much more...

All features available only for Advanced users! Update to advanced plan today!


You can set additional conditions for showing the pop-up:

  • show the pop-up window if there is some certain quantity of products in cart
  • show the pop-up window if total price of the cart is in the range of the set by you amount
  • show the pop-up window only during some required time period

You can create unlimited quantity of offers in the app, so you can set up various offers for your clients. For example you can create multiple offers with gifts that are offered if a client is trying to leave your store. But price of each gift is different it depends on the dollar amount of products in cart and the higher the amount is, the more expensive gift can be offered. Or you can set up different offers for different time periods (for example you can create a offer that will be shown on the day when sale starts). Design of this pop-up window can de adjusted for any theme with a help of excellent insightful editor with online preview feature. You can adjust any element of pop-up window (background, link colors, link sizes, text colors, text sizes, button colors and etc.) without any knowledge of CSS.


Just a few examples of how to use the app:

  • offer a coupon if a client visits your store for the first time
  • offer a coupon if a client wants to leave your store without a purchase
  • if a client wants to leave your store and there is a product in the client's cart, then you can show a message, for example: “Spend $X, get a gift”. The offer with the gift can be created using Unlimited Upsell app
  • show just some informative message to your clients when they are visiting the store (for example some description of your store's specific or its rules)
  • show informative message of promotional kind to your clients when they visit the store (for example to notify your clients about terms of sales actions during the holidays)
  • inform your clients that they can get a gift if they buy 2 or more products
  • ...and other promotions


App doesn't require any manual modifications of your theme during installation process!

Upsell on Exit / Visit - Popup Offers
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