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Web-site development services

Our company provides a wide range of end-to-end development services including:

  • E-commerce web development
    Being experienced in this field we provide web-site development for e-commerce stores based on SaaS shopping carts and standalone shopping carts. We provide a whole list of services in this area, beginning with slight changes for online store and ending by a full circle of development, which includes: analysis of requirements, modeling, design and necessary functional development, testing of a project, installation on a client's server and its maintenance.

  • SocialEngine serviŅes
    Being experienced in this field we provide development of websites based on SocialEngine platform, creation of modules and extensions and their installation, customization of existing websites, integration with 3rd party modules and payment systems, upgrading of the SE engine and its modules, technical support of our product, implementation of specific projects.

  • Design and templates for e-commerce stores
    We are specializing in custom development of designs in .PSD format and completely prepared HTML templates for following e-commerce platforms: Shopify and Bigcommerce. Considering the design and templates development for e-commerce stores a specific character of a certain platform and knowledge of many different features that are characterized exactly for this platform have to be taken into account. We have a rich experience with Shopify and Bigcommerce, therefore we guarantee and provide a high quality result of our work.

  • Consulting on the choice of shopping carts
    Today there are many e-commerce platforms for creation of on-line stores. Accordingly a client can often be rather confused by trying to make a choice, because it is not always possible to easily and objectively estimate advantages or disadvantages of one or another shopping cart. We explore all requirements of a client with all details which are provided by him for his on-line store and accordingly we offer the most efficient solution and a shopping cart which is most suitable for him.

  • Dedicated development team
    If you cannot determine the total amount of work needed to develop your project or there is a need for continuous modification of the software, you can hire our highly professional development team on a monthly basis. The package with the cost starting at $6990 per month includes 100% of a programmer's time, 20% of the team coordinator's time and 20% of quality assurance time. For details, please, contact us.